Sylvester Sessions #109

Sylvester Sessions #109

Sylvester Sessions #109

Kate Mitchell

Glass Artist 
Auckland, New Zealand
Kate wears pieces from Resort 23 and Sylvester S'23
Photography and styling by Phoebe Holden


Tell us about yourself?

I'm a glass artist based in Auckland. I studied fine arts at Elam, which led me to where I am today. I love playing with colour and find inspiration from everyday life, interior design, and fashion. Glass blowing is tough creative process, but I love the challenge.

How did you get into glass art and make a career out of it?

I began my career in glass art by connecting with Lukeke Design during my studies, and I’ve now been working with them for a decade. I started making my own tumblers and experimenting with colour mixes from studio scraps. I love how these imperfections add character to my pieces.

What are you working on at the moment - personally and professionally? 

Personally, I'm entering a new chapter in life as I've just turned 30, which is quite exciting. Professionally, I just got my kiln repaired, so I plan to continue my fine arts practice and explore new forms in cast glass. I am working towards a solo exhibition next year.

You recently went overseas - tell us about your trip and what you loved most about it? 

I recently went to the USA for an intensive glass blowing study, and it was such an amazing experience with artists globally coming together for the course. It focused on new techniques and forms, allowing me to expand my skills and ability to push myself creatively. I continued my travels to explore some fantastic places like New York, London, Amsterdam, Portugal, and Spain. The journey was so inspiring, from the vibrant colours to the smells and incredible food, and of course, the wine.

Do you have any rituals in how you go about your art?

I often refer to Seigensha, a Japanese dictionary of colour combinations from the 1930's; their incredible palettes never fail to kickstart my creative flow.

What is your favourite thing about Spring/Summer?

I'm all about Spring and Summer for the warmer weather and the outdoor activities. There's just something so satisfying in leaving behind the non-essentials and enjoying life's basics in the outdoors. It all becomes simpler and less stressful, and that's what makes me love it.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is all about comfort and expressing my individuality. I wear a mix of casual and vintage pieces, pairing denim, leather, and oversized shirts. I loved being styled in head-to-toe Sylvester denim for this shoot.





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