Mindful Fashion

Mindful Fashion


Mindful Fashion, co-founded by designer Kate Sylvester in 2018, is a New Zealand industry collective that aims to strengthen the local fashion and textile industry by promoting long term sustainable growth through responsible business practice and industry investment.

Mindful Fashion unites the New Zealand Fashion Industry, working to develop an industry specific programme to ensure responsible business practice and encourage positive sustainability projects to strengthen the industry. 

What we are working on for 2020:

  • A collective MFNZ Code of Conduct for all NZ designers, fabric suppliers and makers to ensure we are all working to the same high standards
  • Holding training seminars on sustainable and ethical production and fabric options
  • Act as a united industry body to be able to work with government to ensure the industry is supported effectively
  • Sustainable fabric trade show to attend NZ
  • Engage in project around circularity and recycling of fabrics
  • Continue to support Made in NZ and the future of our industry.

Find out more about Mindful Fashion here.



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