net Carbonzero

net Carbonzero

Kate Sylvester proudly becomes net certified carbonzero.

At KS we are committed to reducing our impact wherever possible so in 2021 we partnered with Toitu Envirocare to begin measuring, monitoring and understanding the carbon footprint of our head office and retail stores. Through this partnership we undertook an intensive audit to measure our operational carbon emissions and put in place future targets, strategies and projects to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve made some substantial operational changes to see a significant emissions reduction including the installation of solar panels, using an electric vehicle and reducing our air travel.

As a final lever where emissions could not be reduced at this time, we have purchased verified carbon credits that support projects to help accelerate decarbonization globally. The purchased credits support a project that provides methane digesters to rural farming families in Hainan Province in China, generating economic and social advantages such as improving health and sanitation for the population of Hainan, as well as creating considerable environmental benefits. Find out more about the project here.

We are so proud of the positive changes we have made to achieve this and are excited continue our journey and continue to reduce operational emissions year-on-year.

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